How to add virtual environment inside PyCharm on windows to run django project?


I am trying to run my python django project through PyCharm on windows but for that I want to install virtual environment and add packages inside it required for the project.

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virtualenv tool comes bundled with PyCharm, You just need to install it by following these steps.

Steps to Create Virtual Environment

  1. Open the Settings dialog box, by going on left and clicking on file and going down the dropdown and select Settings or alternatively hit Ctrl+Alt+S.

  2. Click on your project on left and then click on Project Interpreter this opens a window on right.

  3. Now just choose Create VirtualEnv from dropdown in Project Interpreter if it is not there then click small button on right and select Create VirtualEnv.

  4. Now in the Create Virtual Environment Window , give Name to your VirtualEnv choose Location to install and choose Base Interpreter from dropdown or by clicking button on right, Base Interpreter is the Python Interpreter.

  5. Click Ok and your new VirtualEnv is created.

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