fatal error: 'bits/stdc++.h' file not found mac os


I am getting this error when trying to run a C++ program on mac opertaing system.
My program contains



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Mac OS X 10.9+ no longer uses GCC/libstdc++.

Now it uses libc++ and Clang.

bits/stdc++ is a GNU GCC extension, whereas OS X uses the clang compiler. However, we can still make it work by manually creating the header file.

Inside the directory /usr/local/include create a bits directory, inside bits directory make a file called stdc++.h and paste the contents of stdc++.h. Now it should compile as expected.

$ cd /usr/local/include
$ mkdir bits
$ cd bits
$ nano stdc++.h

paste the content from the link and save.

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Still it says the same

hello.cpp:1:10: fatal error: ‘bits/stdc++.h’ file not found
1 error generated.

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