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Design a Tiny URL Service

Problem Statement:

Design a service where user will give the long-URL and we need to return a short-URL.

And when he gives the short-URL we need to give back the original long-URL.

Very Famous Interview Question:
  • Problem statement is very simple.
  • This question has some very interesting challenges specifically trying to design it at scale.
  • When interviewer asks this question it’s certain that he is not looking for a solution:
    • Where we take a longer url and generate the shorter url and store it in hash and return the longer-url from it.
    • But he asks this to test our knowledge on scalability and durability.
    • The solution of using a map is neither scalable nor durable.

Design Process

While designing a service we need to think about below things straightaway:

  • API (Application Program Interface):
    • createTiny(longUrl) ——> tinyUrl
    • getLong(tinyUrl) ——>longUrl
  • Application Layer
    • Interviewer is concerned to know how do we generate the tiny URL which is unique.
    • Coz actual URL can be 100 characters long but we need to generate a tinyUrl which 7-8 characters long.
  • Persistance Layer
    • Interviewer is interested to see how we design the persistence layer.
    • Basically where and how we store the long and short URL.