Deploy a Django Application with Virtual Environment in DigitalOcean

Deploy a Django Application with Virtual Environment in DigitalOcean

May 25, 2018
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This article will guide you in deploying your Django application using virtual environment on ubuntu linux operating system provided by Virtual Private Server (VPS) DigitalOcean.



DigitalOcean provides you a VPS( Virtual Private Server). According to me it is one of the best service to get started with. They provide with you a dedicated server on which you can host your Django application and for that kind any of the application.

They are very cheap in the sense that they provide 1 GB of Memory, 25GB of SSD and 1TB of transfer at their basic package. Even if you are opting for Heroku once it reaches 10000 db write operations you need to pay $7/month and after some limit even higher and that is very irritating if your application is going to be there live even for quite some time.

Then you can very easily enable free https for your site using letecncrypt.


Create a new droplet

After going to the dashboard home page of digitalocean, click on create on top right corner and the from dropdown click on Droplets.


We are done

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